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EvoReports is the Alfresco reporting Solution based on Jasper Reports developed by evoltia.

EvoReports lets you run and generate reports on any kind of information stored in the Alfresco repository. EvoReports is based on Jasper Reports, the most the reporting popular Java based reporting tool.

EvoReports was designed to bring a powerful yet easy to use reporting solution to Alfresco.. Additionally, it improves and complements search and analysis of information stored in the Alfresco repository.

EvoReports comes right out-of-the box with a variety of prebuilt reports but it also allows you to create custom reports on spaces, documents and your custom Alfresco types and metadata.

This kind of reporting functionality is not currently available in Alfresco, but evoReports is fully integrated with Alfresco and best of all, it's free to use. EvoReports is compatible with Alfresco version 4.0 or greater.

EvoReports Reports Console is available as a portlet wich can be deployed in a Liferay portal. This way you can take advantage of EvoReports and alfresco informations from your intranet&extranet portals.

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Welcome to the EvoReports Wiki

You've arrived at the EvoReports Wiki, the main information resource about EvoReports, the Alfresco reporting solution based on Jasper Reports developed by evoltia. Apart from our documentation you can find more information and submit a question in our forums page.

EvoReports 1.0.is Released - Nov 5, 2013

EvoReports 1.0 will be release on Novembre the 5th.

EvoReports in Alfresco Summit 2013

EvoReports will be presented on Alfresco Summit 2013 in Barcelona. The full agenda is here. Hope to see you there!

EvoReports Product Roadmap

Interested in our plans for the EvoReports product? Have a look at the Product Roadmap.


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