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1 - Installing and Configuring Evoreports

Test data appear in the advanced search selector



Hi Everyone!

After download the new version 1-850 and test it, I have noticed that in the advanced search selector (the combo where you can choose between types of content to be searched) appear some texts like that:

- Report Type

- Invoice


-Lorem Ipsum Content

I want to integrate the evoreports solution in the Alfresco applicaion of a customer but I want to remove those options from the advanced search selector (It seems that are Test stuff...¿?).

I tired to remove those literals by my self editing the 'Share-config-custom.xml' placed in 'C:\Alfresco\tomcat\webapps\share\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF' (in the 'AdvancedSearch' configuration), but it was impossible... after restarting the application the literals still appear.

How can  I do it?



RE: Test data appear in the advanced search selector
3/12/13 15:07 en respuesta a Alberto Giner.

Hi Alberto

We have released a new version without data test.