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1 - Installing and Configuring Evoreports

Nothin happens when clicking on evoReports button


Dear all,

I installed evoReports on Alfresco 4.2. c and I see the reports functionalities. However, when clicking on any of the buttons e.g. "execute report types" or "create report" within the search nothing happens.

What did I do wrong?


RE: Nothin happens when clicking on evoReports button
9/12/13 19:13 en respuesta a FG EIM.

Hi FG,

Once you have executed an advanced search you can perform two actions:

RUN REPORT - you preview search results with a predefined template.

CREATE REPORT - create a new report based on search parameters.

Here you can see create report wizard after searching for evoltia in advanced search:

For detailed instructions visit our documentation section here: