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Advanded reports
20/04/14 19:30
Shared: We perform a search, the results I want to create a report and not allow me to choose report type, no fields appear ordination. 
Explorer: Not allowed to run the report after an advanced search, the combo is mandatory report presents nothing to choose, and I can not continue with the next step which is guaradr preview and report. 
I use alfresco comunnity 4.2.e
Could you help

RE: Advanded reports
21/04/14 11:51 en respuesta a Alfredo Marcelo Carpio.

Hi, this is ok.

Evoreports executes reports from any type content or folder, but you must select some type in the advanced search. For example you can select one of this "File names and contents" or "File names only" or "Space names only"


Here there is an example:


RE: Advanded reports
6/05/14 18:29 en respuesta a Nacho Manzano.

Thanks for the reply it worked perfect.
Great tool. Congratulations.
Thank you.

RE: Advanded reports
6/05/14 18:35 en respuesta a Alfredo Marcelo Carpio.


Share on when I run a report that does not match the criteria of search by running does not return any error message and I get a list of files that are not, which confuses as the report goes blank "NO MATCH CRITERIA". Is not controlling this bug with a warning. In Alfresco explorer if you handle this error and it works great.

Also when you generate the report tells you if you want it to be public or only for the user, because I have tested and works backwards, when I want more users to view the report for execution have to Set it in private, and when I want to be visible only to me what seteo in public.

For the rest it is a fantastic tool.