Report Fields

The fields section of the .jrxml file defines exactly which fields will be shown on the final report output. There are two kinds of fields which are available for output: metadata fields and calculated fields.

Metadata fields

Metadata fields are used to display document metadata. This metadata can be built-in Alfresco metadata attributes (such as cm:title) or it can even be custom metadata. To refer to a metadata field, we use the internal metadata attribute as the "name" value of the field and the engine takes care of the rest.

Calculated fields

Documents have more information than just metadata which is desirable in a report. evoReports extends Jasper in order to allow the inclusion of fields such as path, type and size to allow for a more complete report output. Even more powerful are "url" calculated fields, which allow you to create download and document detail links from final report output.

To specify a calculated field, you must use its special keyword in the name value of the field definition. The following table lists all currently supported calculated field identifiers:

"Name" value



Returns a string with the value of the node type


Noderef of the node


Node path


Content size of the node


List of aspects for the node


Content download url


Url to access content detail from the web client


Url for content download from share


Url to access the document detail from Share