Predefined reports

Evoreports comes with a reports console where you can run and organize reports based on differents categories, permissions using Alfresco permission model. EvoReports console comes right out-of-the box with a variety of prebuilt reports but it also allows you to create custom reports on spaces, documents and your custom Alfresco types and metadata.

Most demanded reports

We include some of the most demanded reports for the admin users, business users and final users. 

We extend alfresco search capabilities thanks to our evoAdvancedSearch report wich allows you to search by path, text, categories, tags, property value and name, content and folder type as well as your own custom types, aspects, created and modified dates, etc so that you can search for almost every piece of information of your repository.

We also bring out-of-the-box some admin reports with users, groups etc. information.

If you enable audit in Alfresco you can use our custom report to have reports about all that information provided by the audit sistem.

We also provide reports for sites users, workflows users etc.

If you want to ask for a report we will be glad to listen to you.

Report Examples

Our predefined reports are very useful for using them in your repositoy as well as creating your new ones using our examples as templates, it will be very easy.

We will provide reports examples for creating subreports, charts reports, webscript based reports, fts, cmis and lucene examples and much more.