Running Console reports

Evoreports console is totally integrated into Alfresco Share as a new page. Accessing Evoreports Console is easy, just clicking reports icon in the upper reports Alfresco menu, we would only see if we have appropiate permissions. (see the image below)

Accessing Evoreports Console

Use the reports console to organize reports in folders and get the right reports to the right users with Alfresco permission model. In the image below we can see the default Evoreports console with some of the predefined out-of-the-box reports included with the amp file.


EvoReports comes right out-of-the box with a variety of prebuilt reports but it also allows you to create custom reports on spaces, documents and your custom Alfresco types and metadata. 

Running a report

Running a reports from Evoreports console is very easy, just go to the folder where your report is and click in the report name or in "Execute report" action that it´s in list of actions the right side of the screen.

Report execution screen

When clicking to run the report we´ll see a modal window where we can enter or select criteria information for the report execution organized this way:

  • Report parameters or filter if existing.(ie: location, text etc)
  • Grouping results field option.(grouping field and footer field with calculation)
  • Ordering results fields option. (field and criteria, asc/desc)
  • Quick preview of the report(limited to 500 by default)
  • Download complete report
  • Save to repository
  • Schedule report

Previewing report

Clicking quick preview button we can see the report in the selected format very fast. The number of results is limited to 500 by default for better performance although this number is an evoreport configuration parameter than can be changed if desired.

Saving to repository

Clicking the button we can save report to the repository just writing the name and the location in the repository where you want to save it.