Running reports

In this section we´ll explain different ways of running reports with Evoreports.

All diferente ways allow us to do the same, generate a report in one or all of the different formats: html, pdf and/or excel.

Depending on the place where you execute reports in the Alfresco interface we differentiate between:

  • - Advanced search reports.
  • - Console reports.

Advanced search reports

Evoreports allows you to run reports from Alfresco Advanced Search, where you can preview or generate reports using Alfresco advanced Search results. This way you can take advantage on your previous Alfresco customizations, types, fields etc.

We have defined different templates to preview and export your information based on results type and we allow you to create new templates(jrxml) using our wizard or upload any jrxml template file created using ireport or any other tool.

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Console reports

Evoreports comes with a reports console where you can run and organize reports based on differents categories, permissions using Alfresco permission model. EvoReports console comes right out-of-the box with a variety of prebuilt reports but it also allows you to create custom reports on spaces, documents and your custom Alfresco types and metadata.

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