Working with iReport Designer

EvoReports is fully compatible with iReport Designer, Jasper Report's report definition editor. iReport is a visual editor for .jrxml report definitions, and permits developers to take advantage of the huge range of options Jasper offers while still executing reports directly from Alfresco.

Important announcement: Jaspersoft has recently announced iReport will be superseded by Jaspersoft Studio, their Eclipse-based report designer. We will be updating our documentation to reflect this recommendation shortly.

Common tasks

Almost anything is possible when using the iReport Designer, but some common tasks include:
  • Changing general field formatting such as column width.
  • Applying numeric formatting such as currency or defining decimal places.
  • Configuring column totals and calculations.
  • Adding charts and graphs.

Where to download iReport

iReport designer is available for download on JasperSoft's website here.